In 1997 Pacific Optics took the bold decision and decided that it wanted to be a major force in the sunglass industry. For this to eventuate, the company needed to take direct control of its manufacturing.

With this in mind, Pacific Optics continued to foster a relationship with a long time associate who already had an established manufacturing base in Taiwan. After much negotiation, it was agreed both parties would work jointly on a manufacturing plant based in Mainland China.

Pacific Optics China was officially opened on July 1997 and on 3rd July 2003, It moved to new larger factory with-site area of 13,000sqm.

Pacific Optics China currently employs 200 people with all in residence. General Manager Mr. Liu Po-Ling states the factory's focus is on delivering high quality product with the emphasis on finish.

Pacific Optics China does not see itself as a producer to the masses. Its focus is to manufacture sunglasses that will give consumers throughout the world a real sense of quality as each product is painstakingly handmade.

Pacific Optics China must adhere to all of the strict guidelines, which make up the Australian/New Zealand Standards; further to this all of the products manufactured under the Aerial brand must comply with its "TOO GOOD" policy, which specifically means no product can leave the factory floor without this level of quality assurance.

Pacific Optics China is ISO accredited- ISO 9001:2008